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create app

apppack create app

create an AppPack application


Requires admin permissions.

apppack create app <name>


      --cluster string               Cluster name (default "apppack")
      --ec2                          run on EC2 instances (requires EC2 enabled cluster)
  -r, --repository string            repository URL, e.g.
  -b, --branch string                branch to setup for continuous deployment
  -d, --domain string                custom domain to route to app (optional)
      --healthcheck-path string      path which will return a 200 status code for healthchecks (default "/")
      --addon-private-s3             setup private S3 bucket add-on
      --addon-public-s3              setup public S3 bucket add-on
      --addon-database               setup database add-on
      --addon-database-name string   database instance to install add-on
      --addon-redis                  setup Redis add-on
      --addon-redis-name string      Redis instance to install add-on
      --addon-sqs                    setup SQS Queue add-on
      --addon-ses                    setup SES (Email) add-on (requires manual approval of domain at SES)
      --addon-ses-domain string      domain approved for sending via SES add-on. Use '*' for all domains. (default "*")
  -u, --users strings                email addresses for users who can manage the app (comma separated)
      --disable-build-webhook        disable creation of a webhook on the repo to automatically trigger builds on push
  -h, --help                         help for app

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --account string    AWS account ID or alias (not needed if you are only the administrator of one account)
      --aws-credentials   use AWS credentials instead of federation
      --check             check stack in Cloudformation before creating
      --debug             enable debug logging
      --non-interactive   do not prompt for missing flags
      --region string     AWS region to create resources in