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db load

apppack db load

load a dump file into the remote database


The dump file can either be local (in which case it will first be uploaded to S3. Or you can specify a file already on S3 by using "s3://..." as the first argument.

WARNING: This is a destructive action which will delete the contents of your remote database in order to load the dump in.

apppack db load <dumpfile>


  -h, --help       help for load
  -j, --jobs int   number of jobs to use for the load (passed through as --jobs to pg_restore -- Postgres only) (default 2)

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --app-name string   app name (required)
      --aws-credentials   use AWS credentials instead of federation
      --debug             enable debug logging


  • apppack db - tools to manage your database on AppPack