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scheduled-tasks create

apppack scheduled-tasks create

schedule a task


Schedule a command to run on a recurring schedule in the future.

Be sure to wrap your command and schedule in quotes to ensure they are read as a single argument and note that the timezone is always UTC. The schedule flag should use the AWS cron-like format as described at

apppack scheduled-tasks create --schedule "<min> <hr> <day-mon> <mon> <day-wk> <yr>" "<command>"


apppack -a my-app scheduled-tasks create --schedule "0 0 * * ? *" "your-command --args"  # run daily at midnight UTC
apppack -a my-app scheduled-tasks create --schedule "0/10 * * * ? *" "your-command --args"  # run every 10 minutes


  -h, --help              help for create
  -s, --schedule string   cron-like schedule. See

Options inherited from parent commands

  -a, --app-name string   app name (required)
      --aws-credentials   use AWS credentials instead of federation
      --debug             enable debug logging