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Config variables

Config variables are used to store secrets and pass environment-specific information to your applications running on AWS. They are managed via the CLI and passed into the application via environment variables.

Setting a config variable

apppack config set is used to set a config variable. For example, if you wanted to store a config variable named SECRET_KEY with the value this-is-a-secret for your app my-app, you would run:


apppack -a my-app config set SECRET_KEY=this-is-a-secret

This command will store the value as an encrypted string in the AWS Parameter Store. It will also gracefully restart your application to add the environment variable immediately.

Modifying a config variable

Use the same process as above for setting a variable.

Removing a config variable

If you want to remove a config variable completely, you can run:


apppack -a my-app config unset SECRET_KEY

This would remove the config variable SECRET_KEY from the app named my-app.

Listing config variables

You can list all the config variables for an app by running:


apppack -a my-app config list