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Using Databases

Postgres and MySQL databases are available as an add-on and are backed by AWS RDS. Database instances are designed to be shared across multiple apps in a cluster, but a cluster may have multiple database instances. If you wish to isolate a single app to a single database instance, you can do that too.

Creating a Database cluster

First you must setup the database in your AppPack Cluster. This can be done with apppack create database.


apppack create database my-database

If you'd like to use AWS Aurora, pass in the --aurora flag. This command requires manually configured AWS credentials.

Enabling the Database add-on for your application

During app creation, you'll be asked if you'd like to enable the database add-on and if so, which database cluster to use. Only database instances within the app's AppPack cluster will be available as options.

Enabling the database add-on will create a dedicated database user within the database cluster and assign permissions to a specific database.


Destroying the application will also destroy the application's database. Be sure to download a backup first!

Config Variables

The following config variable will be provided to your application to connect:

  • DATABASE_URL the credentials for connecting to the cluster